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About the Practitioner

Yvonne Peggy Giron LMT - Known as Peggy
Graduate of Rainstar University in Scottsdale, AZ in May, 2000.

Throughout the years, I have established  a place where clients can come and find peace and rest for the time they are with me.  Just a nice break from the outside world. The healing, friendships, growth to the human spirit that has developed through the years is immeasurable. 

My goal is always to be a student of massage therapy.  As you and your life change, I want to become educated in ways that will assist you in your spiritual  growth and physical body healing.  I always want to stay aware of who you are and how your body is changing as we age, to keep you following your bliss.

Specific areas of study include, Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports Medicine, Aromatherapy, La Stone-The original Hot Stone massage, Reiki Master Chakra balancing, Lymphatic Massage, Repetitive Use Injury Therapy, Pregnancy Massage, Spa body treatments, scrubs, wraps, Reflexology, Hydrotherapy, Swing Flex for Golf therapies, aromatherapy blending, herbal treatments, Lomi Lomi massage.

My work with professional athletes broadened my understanding of muscle stress and injury/recovery of tissues for optimum performance.  My therapies include work with children, teens, adults, elderly and hospice clients.  These people are the gifts of my practice.  It is truly an honor.

Recently featured in ABMP's Biz fit, my practice continues to grow, my love for my profession continues to grow and I expect more great massage sessions to follow. I thank all those who have followed me on this journey and those who will join me.

It is my honor to join the massage professionals in Hawaii, Mahalo. 




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